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We provide what you need on your way:
Consulting & Communication

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We are the partners you are looking for, if the problem you want to tackle or the project you need help with is sustainable, promotes civic engagement and/or is aimed at building resilience.

We have almost 20 years of work experience in communicating and strategic planning and founded EVERARD Consulting & Communication in 2020 to do our part in what the IPCC calls the decisive decade to implement resilience on every level of society.


We communicate your vision
and spawn engagement

Are you creating fantastic infrastructure and aim to enable active and sustainable mobility but need expert help communicating those actions to your constituents? Then contact us!


No project is alike and you are
different from everybody else.
We help you find your unique foothold and successfully carry your vision into reality.

How I Can Help You

We readily create projects from
scratch following your input
within the frame of your budget.

Meeting Room

We help you fuse your intentions with the expectations of your community by adding our
experience to the mix.

Being veteran project planners, we
give you the support you need to get your
project up and running.

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Communication is the way we get our
ideas to be understood by those
we address. This process oftentimes
gets neglected or passed over
resulting in great projects not finding
their success with the public.

Working in Cafe

let us shape your communication

to make it work for you

We help you communicate your ideas and
projects in order to match their success
to the energy you put into them.

Community Garden

There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.

Marshall McLuhan

EVERARD Consulting & Communication

is the Liaison between your projects and the public you want to reach.

Boy with Calf
We are on a quest

EVERARD Consulting & Communication was founded out of the conviction that now is the time to act. Of the many futures that are possible, we are trying to help invoke one in which our children and grand-children will have a good life. To do our part, we identified the services through which our skills could serve this mission.

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