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Young People at a Workshop
Gedankekëscht: «Sitz der Gedanken», in der Redensart: elo hunn ech meng Gedankekëscht doheem gelooss (ich weiß nicht mehr, was ich zu tun habe).
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The complete package for your civic participation

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Our trademarked Gedankekëscht® concept activates participation by appearing in your citizens everyday life.

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We engage your citizens by offering diverse online content and interaction opportunities.

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on site

The civic participation process becomes visible in the public space, thanks to our Gedankekëscht® concept.

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in person

Our experienced facilitators animate engaging workshops and help find solutions that encompass the common good.


I believe that the common good can only be attained by re-establishing the social links that have been cut. Real interaction, meeting one another, discussing, debating and dialoguing leads to mutual understanding and acceptance of diverging views. This is why our Gedankekëscht® concept for civic participation is key to making your project the success it deserves to be.

David Everard, Founder and owner of EVERARD Consulting & Communication

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