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Charting the Course: our strategy for the Liewensmëttelpunkt project

Updated: May 10


In our quest to cultivate a more sustainable and resilient food ecosystem within Nordstad, the "Liewensmëttelpunkt" project has crafted a strategic roadmap that is both ambitious and actionable. This strategy, developed through the collaborative efforts of our diverse working group, aims to address the multifaceted challenges of modern food systems, from production to plate. At its core, our strategy is guided by five strategic axes and four cross-cutting principles, each designed to foster a holistic approach to sustainable food system development.


Five Strategic Axes Explained:


Education and Awareness: Recognizing the power of knowledge, we aim to broaden understanding and appreciation of sustainable food practices among all community members. This axis isn't limited to formal education; it's about creating a culture of awareness that permeates every level of society, encouraging informed choices and fostering a deep connection to our food sources.


Support for Production, Marketing, and Logistics: Our strategy here focuses on strengthening the backbone of our local food system. By supporting local producers, refining marketing strategies, and optimizing logistics, we’re ensuring that high-quality, sustainable food not only reaches the market but does so efficiently and sustainably.


Exchange of Practices and Learning: Central to our approach is the belief in learning from one another. Through the exchange of practices, whether between farmers, educators, or consumers, we cultivate a shared knowledge base that elevates our collective capability to innovate and adapt.


Innovation and Training: The future of food in Nordstad rests on our ability to innovate. By investing in training and development, we’re nurturing the next generation of food producers, entrepreneurs, and thinkers who will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable food production.


Territorial Marketing: Highlighting the unique qualities of Nordstad’s food landscape, this axis aims to promote our region as a leader in sustainable food. By showcasing our commitment to sustainability, we not only attract like-minded individuals and businesses but also foster pride and investment in our local food system.


Four cross-cutting principles:


Local and Regional Production and Transformation: By emphasizing local production, we’re not just reducing our carbon footprint; we’re also bolstering the local economy and ensuring food security.

Enhanced Marketing and Logistics for Local Produce: Streamlining these aspects ensures that local foods are competitive, accessible, and visible in the marketplace.

Gastronomy with Regional and Seasonal Foods: Championing the use of local ingredients in gastronomy enhances the culinary experience while supporting local producers.

Consumer Education and Mobilization: Informed consumers are empowered to make choices that support sustainable practices, driving demand for sustainable, local foods.

As we embark on implementing this strategy, our actions are guided by a shared vision of a sustainable, thriving food system in Nordstad. This strategic framework is not just a plan of action but a commitment to future generations—a promise of a food system that is sustainable, equitable, and vibrant.


Through continuous collaboration, innovation, and community engagement, we are confident that the "Liewensmëttelpunkt" project will lead Nordstad toward a sustainable and prosperous future in food. Stay with us as we continue to share our progress, learnings, and successes. Together, we are not just growing food; we are nurturing a new way of living with and on our planet.

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