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The Heart of Collaboration: Our Liewensmëttelpunkt Working Group

At the core of the "Liewensmëttelpunkt" project lies a dynamic and diverse working group, embodying the spirit of collaboration that is essential for driving sustainable change in our food systems. This group brings together a rich tapestry of stakeholders from across Nordstad and beyond, including local farmers, food producers, representatives from the Lycée technique agricole and the Ecole de l'hôtellerie et du tourisme du Luxembourg, government representatives from the Ministries of Agriculture and Spatial Planning, as well as members of the Horesca sector and various state initiatives aimed at employment and inclusion.


The diversity within this group is not just a strength but the very foundation upon which our project builds its innovative approaches. Each member contributes unique insights and expertise, from understanding the intricacies of food production and distribution to navigating the complexities of local and regional regulations. This wealth of knowledge and perspective fosters a creative environment where groundbreaking solutions are born, solutions that are responsive to the needs of our community and our environment.


Since its inception, the working group has been instrumental in shaping the direction and strategy of the "Liewensmëttelpunkt" project. Through regular meetings every six weeks, we've held in-depth discussions, debated approaches, and shared visions for a sustainable future. The group's efforts have culminated in comprehensive planning workshops and the development of a strategic framework that guides our project. Moreover, we've organized best practice visits within Nordstad and the Minett UNESCO Biosphere, enabling members to learn from existing models of success and integrate these insights into our work.


But the working group's impact extends beyond the strategic level; it's about building a community of practice. By bringing together individuals from various sectors and backgrounds, we've created a platform for exchange and mutual learning. This has not only enriched our project's approach but has also strengthened the bonds between different actors in the food system, fostering a sense of shared purpose and commitment.


The journey of the "Liewensmëttelpunkt" working group is a testament to the power of collaboration. As we continue to navigate the challenges and opportunities of creating a sustainable food system, the group remains a beacon of innovation, dedication, and community spirit. Its collaborative model is not just a component of our project but a reflection of the future we aspire to create: one where diverse voices are heard, where innovation thrives, and where the community comes together to build a sustainable and resilient food system for all.


As we move forward, the "Liewensmëttelpunkt" working group is more than ready to face the challenges ahead, armed with the collective wisdom, creativity, and passion of its members. Together, we are laying the groundwork for a food system that not only feeds but also nurtures our community and our environment. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow, learn, and innovate together.

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