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Carrying out a study on bicycle rental

In 2022, the Directorate General of Tourism asked EVERARD Consulting & Communication to realize a study on the rental of bicycles Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

We proceeded to making an inventory, then analyze the situation, formulate findings and reflections and develop a vision for a national harmonization of the system. This project led us to conduct qualitative interviews with 11 actors in the field and resulted in a document of over 200 pages, finally summarized and published on 65 pages. You can find the document online here.

The study was presented in October 2022 by Minister Lex Delles. (from left to right: Anne Haag, David Everard, Lex Delles)

EVERARD has been chosen to accompany the project in 2023. We have the honor to organize workshops with the actors in the field, to take them in a harmonization process for a bettered service in Luxembourg.

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