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Cyclo Croc' Biissen - change everything

In recent years, the importance of sustainable mobility has become more and more evident. Cities and municipalities around the world are starting to understand the significant impact that transportation has on the environment, and they are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint by promoting sustainable mobility. One of the ways they are doing this is through sustainable mobility projects, which can range from bike lanes and public transportation to car-sharing programs and cycling service centers.

Small municipalities are often seen as being less influential in political decision-making, but they can still make a significant difference in promoting sustainable mobility. The municipality of Bissen, for example, is taking a

The original building has received a facelift.

bold step towards promoting sustainable mobility by building a service center and café culinaire for cyclists and pedestrians. The service center will offer bike repair stations, charging points for electric bicycles and a tube machine, providing the necessary services for shorter or longer cycling tours. Additionally, the café culinaire will offer a place for people to relax, socialize, and enjoy a meal or a drink. The Cyclo Croc’ Biissen project is an excellent example of how small municipalities can make a big difference in the Promotion of sustainable mobility.

Here are some reasons why sustainable mobility projects are essential for small municipalities, and how they can take a cue from Bissen and implement similar projects:

Environmental sustainability

One of the primary reasons for promoting sustainable mobility is the environment. The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable mobility projects can help reduce these emissions. For example, promoting cycling and walking instead of driving can significantly reduce carbon emissions, improving air quality and mitigating the effects of climate change. Sustainable mobility projects are an essential part of a municipality's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and become more environmentally sustainable.

Social benefits

Sustainable mobility projects can also bring about social benefits. By promoting cycling and walking, municipalities can encourage physical activity, improving public health and reducing the prevalence of diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Sustainable mobility projects can also provide opportunities for social interaction and community-building. We are convinced that the Cyclo Croc’ Biissen is an excellent example of how a sustainable mobility project can become a social hub, bringing people together for food and conversation.

The kitchen is annexed to the original building.

Economic benefits

Sustainable mobility projects can also bring about economic benefits by attracting tourists, who may be looking for cycling or walking tours as part of their vacation. By investing in sustainable mobility, municipalities can create new economic opportunities and improve the local economy. So, how can small municipalities implement sustainable mobility projects like the Cyclo Croc’ Bissen? Here are some steps that small municipalities can take to promote sustainable mobility:

Conduct a needs assessment

Before implementing a sustainable mobility project, municipalities should conduct a needs assessment. This assessment can help identify the types of sustainable mobility projects that would be most effective. For example, if the needs assessment identifies a lack of cycling infrastructure, a cycling service center with repair stations and charging points for electric bicycles may be a good investment. Bissen’s mayors’ assessment of a dire need for a place to stop and rest on Luxembourg’s cycling paths was on point and will help making this project the success it deserves.

Engage with the community

Engaging with the community is essential in promoting sustainable mobility projects. Municipalities should work closely with community groups, business associations, and other stakeholders to identify opportunities for collaboration and support. This engagement can help ensure that the sustainable mobility project meets the needs of the community and is well-received by residents. Almost all the trades involved in the project are located in Bissen, and the municipality has had a great pre-opening event that was well visited by its citizens.

Many Biisseners were present at the grand pre-opening

Invest in infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure is crucial in promoting sustainable mobility. Municipalities should invest in cycling infrastructure such as bike lanes, cycle paths, and pedestrian crossings, as well as public transportation infrastructure such as bus shelters and bike parking facilities. Investing in infrastructure can help create a safe and accessible environment for cyclists, pedestrians, and public transportation users, making it easier for them to move around the municipality.

Secure funding

Securing funding is crucial in implementing sustainable mobility projects. Municipalities can seek funding from various sources, such as government grants, private foundations, or corporate sponsors. Municipalities can also explore creative funding options, such as crowdfunding campaigns, to raise funds for sustainable mobility projects.

In conclusion, sustainable mobility projects are essential for small municipalities to reduce their carbon footprint, improve public health, and create economic opportunities. The Cyclo Croc’ Biissen is an excellent example of how small municipalities can invest in sustainable mobility projects that benefit the community. Other municipalities can follow in Bissen's footsteps by conducting a needs assessment, engaging with the community, investing in infrastructure, partnering with local businesses, and securing funding. By promoting sustainable mobility, small municipalities can create a healthier environment for their residents and become a role model for sustainable development.

The Cyclo Croc Biissen is set to open in the first half of 2023.

If you want to know more and would like to meet us to develop your idea, do not hesitate. Our mission is to help induce the change that will make our future more resilient and make life livable.

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