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The Witkar - a smart mobility lesson from the past

Here's a great example of how back in the day smart ideas saw the light of day that in today's setting would absolutely make sense.

Imagine parking lots at the entrance of cities, where multi-modal hubs allow commuters and travelers to change from their rural mode of transport which is their car to trams, buses, bicycles AND tiny electric cars that can't go faster than 30 km/h to reach urban and suburban areas where access to public transport is less convincing or as an option for people having health problems.

Photo: WikiMedia - Nationaal Archief _Nummer archiefinventaris : bekijk toegang

The cars should be built light to minimize energy use and out of a maximum percentage of recyclable materials - boasting no unnecessary luxury and having a minimal imprint on public space.

I love how these WitKars are parked in a row to allow savings in public space and I am impressed on how pragmatically they are built.

Kudos to Luud Schimmelpennink for this avantgarde project!

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